Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Thanksgiving Survey 2023: Wheel

This is the flat tire on my car
on Election Day 2017.
I was thankful when it was fixed.

Just what you all have been waiting for - the Common Household time-honored tradition of the Thanksgiving Survey!  Because another poll is what we all need.  This one is the twelfteenth survey (but the eleventeenth one that I have published on this blog).  Thanks to Rabbi E.M. whose Kol Nidre sermon provided inspiration for this year's theme.

Thanksgiving survey:  


1. What is a type of wheel, or a specific wheel, for which you are thankful?

2.  What is the earliest wheel that you can think of?

Please participate by giving your answers in the comments.  Happy Thanksgiving Preparation Week!

Ferris Wheel within miniature railroad

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Quality car tires--funny how back in the day people needed to buy snow tires, but now I think all tires work on snow if the tread is good.
Earliest wheel--the use of large logs to roll stones from quarries in ancient times.