Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two unexpected things

On my drive home from taking my parents back, I was listening the the radio and I heard two unexpected things.

I was listening to the Diane Rehm show. They paused to say, "The national broadcast of the Diane Rehm Show is brought to you by..."
and I was sure they were going to say "your brother". But they didn't. Instead, they said, "The German Embassy." ?! The German Embassy brings national broadcasts to people? It underwrites NPR?!

I changed the channel after a while, and got some guy talking in French. His pronunciation was good, and slow enough that I could understand most of the words. I listened for a while, and then realized that I couldn't tell where his sentences began or ended. I thought, this guy is speaking perfect French but doesn't have the right inflection. How odd. Then They announced (in French) that the show was "Radio Taiwan Internationale." They proceeded to give a web address, pronouncing "w" really slowly. It takes twice as long to say a web address in French because you have to say "w" "dooobla-vay" instead of "dubya" and "point" instead of "dot".

Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost Ready

The kippahs are bought, the worship booklet is printed, and he has learned his Torah portion.

The furniture is arranged, the food is ordered, and the house is clean (well, as clean as it will ever be.)

The driving directions have been sent, the gift bags for the out-of-town guests have been delivered, and the guests have begun to arrive.

Almost ready for a Common Household Bar Mitzvah!

I just have to write my little speech. It has to be a speech that is brief, won't make me cry, thanks the people in the congregation for being there, and lets my son know how much I love him. An impossible speech to write.

Monday, March 9, 2009


It’s hard to concentrate today.

Good things:
- Mom’s surgery went well, according to Dad
- music, performed by the kids
- my friend’s son is no longer on a ventilator
- lots of family are coming to visit soon!

Not so good things:
- my friend’s son needs to have the motivation to eat and gain strength, so that he can heal completely
- I have to clean up the entire house
- I have no idea what we will have for dinner tonight. Any suggestions?

I’m realizing that there are a lot more good things than the items I’ve listed here. God is good.