Thursday, November 30, 2023

Thanksgiving Survey 2023 - Wheel - Responses

The subtitle for this survey should probably be "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles".  This year there were a vast multitude of responses from many family members.

Survey Question 1.

What is a type of wheel, or a specific wheel, for which you are thankful?

 Family responses:

A.  steering wheel

B. Wheeling, West Virginia.  Per wikipedia, the name comes from the Lenni-Lenape phrase 'wih link', which meant "place of the head". This name refers to a white settler who was scalped, decapitated, and his severed head put on display.

C. The wheels on my suitcase

D. The Wheel of Time, which I have enjoyed talking about with my spouse because it is their favorite fantasy series. 

E. I am quite thankful for the little hamster wheels inside my computer – I don’t know of any other way my computer would possibly work!

F.  The Wheel of Time book series. It will always be one of my favorites and my partner just finished the series recently. So now we can share in it together.

G.  I am thankful for wheels of cheese because they are large and delicious.

H.I am thankful for the two wheels I had on Mariah, who was the Raleigh bike I rode through Europe in 1953.  I never had a flat tire.

I. The cam in a ballpoint pen.

J. The bicycle wheels on my Christmas present.

K.  My Cheerios.

L.   I am grateful for the roller wheels inside the DS200 machine. which pull the voter’s ballot in so it can be scanned and counted.

M.  I am most thankful for the pottery wheel

N. The wheels on the bus. (Great kids song)

O.  Color wheel

P.  I am thankful for my car tires. I am able to get to work to provide for my family as well as go to fun places where we make great memories. 

Bus at American Visionary Art Museum
in Baltimore, MD

Survey Question 2.

What is the earliest wheel that you can think of?

I purposefully left the question vague - some answered about the earliest wheel in their own life, and others attempted to answer about the earliest wheel in history, or in the universe. Some of these things are not actually wheels, in my opinion.

 Family responses:

A.  bacterial flagellum

B.  The spiral wheel of the Milky Way.  It formed not long after the universe formed,

about 13 billion years ago -- even older than Wheeling West Virginia, which formed

in 1793.  Wheeling West Virginia rotates around the Milky Way

every 212 million years.

C. The "Wheels on the Big Rig" song we would listen to as kids

D. I'm feeling like the Sumerians made giant stone wheels, but I wasn't there.

E. The earliest wheel I can think of is the First Wheel. I can easily imagine that

some wheel was the first one, and if I can think about that wheel, then it’s

automatically the answer!

F. The solar system, everything spins around the center point, our sun.

G. The wheel of time represented by the circular Mayan Calendar

H. I think I have some perception of the wheels on the baby carriage that my

sister and I rode in.  They were big wheels.  The carriage was in the attic until

we sold it to an antique store.

I. Ea-nāṣir's copper wheeling and dealing.

J. The car wheel

K.  My Cheerios.

L.  Obviously, the earliest wheels in history were the ones on Fred Flintstone’s car.

M. The earliest wheel I can think of is an animal with radial symmetry- such as

jellyfish and other cnidarians- just spinning really fast 

N.  Chariot wheels.  ( in Prince of Egypt… a must see)

O.  Toy car

P.  The earliest wheel I can think of is a wooden wheel that was used a zillion

years ago. I’m not great with history 😂

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Melissa said...

My family LOVED The Wheels on the Big Rig!
Trout Fishing in America is a national treasure.
As ever, your family's creativity in their thinking is amazing and I do enjoy reading about it.