Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Thanksgiving Survey 2022: Water - Responses

 Thanksgiving survey: Water - Responses

The family mentioned the Nile River, the Dead Sea, and the human body several times.

Question 1.

Name a body of water (of any size) for which you are thankful.


A.  The Quabbin Reservoir.

B. Rocky River because it provides beautiful scenery in our metroparks and I have walked there many times. 

C. The water in my 32 oz emotional support water bottle 

D. Done

E. I am very thankful for small droplets of water 1 micron in volume, as they are the average volume of a cell and are thus very central to my work.

F. The water in the kettle from which I make my tea.

G. My own body, which is mostly water.

H. I am thankful for the clean water that comes out of my tap, and for clean filtered water that comes out of my refrigerator.   I am thankful for all the bodies of water on the planet that are still capable of supporting life.

I. The C&O canal

J. [Family member], who is 70% water.

K.  [Redacted] Lagoon in Belize

L.  The White River (good for jumping in)

Question 2.

Name a famous body of water, and why it is significant.


A.  The Okefenokee Swamp, in southern Georgia.

Because this is where Pogo famously uttered his anti-pollution motto, “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

B. Sea of Tranquility, which is where astronauts landed on the moon.

C. De Nile, because it’s not just a river

D. All famous bodies of water I know of already have names.

E. The Hamza river is really cool, even if it’s not as famous as the Amazon river, because it’s bigger than the Amazon and all underground! It even flows underneath the Amazon, 4 km down! If we could get down there, think of all the dinosaurs we could find!

F. The Dead Sea.  Also called the Sea of Death (Yām HaMāvet ים המוות),  The Sea of Salt (Yām HaMelaḥ ים המלח),  and the Sea of Lot (Birket Lut بحر لوط).   Swimming in it is a singular experience.  Once you have gone in it, you will not ever need to nor want to do that again.

G. The Nile River, significant for being the center of one of the world's oldest civilizations, as well as the first stage of grief.

H. The Nile river because it enabled one civilization to flourish. The Red Sea because it has fish and whales and is part of our origin story as Jews.

The Pacific, because it contains the islands of Hawaii.

I.   A man, a plan, a canal: Panama!

J. The Dead Sea in Israel, because I got to go float in it, and that was pretty cool.

K. Sargasso Sea. It introduced me to Jane Eyre.

L. Crater Lake in Oregon is significantly deep.

Family members:  mostly water,
especially the younger ones

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Melissa said...

These answers are SO clever--the family member response made me chuckle. Your people use their noggins WELL:)