Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reaction of the Day

I’m having a difficult time getting motivated to Do What Needs To Be Done, and questioning exactly what it is that really, truly needs to be done.

Younger Daughter and I did manage to put up our one Advent-Hanukkah-Christmas decoration – our paper chain.  YD has said it is her goal for it to reach all the way around the living room before she leaves for college in four years.  We add some links every year.  I like that she is still interested in doing this with me.

My neighbor with a heart of gold was out blowing snow off of the Widow Douglas’ driveway a few minutes ago. Now he is doing our front walk, which I was too tired to shovel.  Guilt!
The sky keeps sending us this stuff.

Last night we drove to ‘Collegetown’ to hear my son play in a band concert.  They played fantastic music, marred only by a few people in the audience who felt that they should converse throughout the entire jazz band portion of the concert.  Thankfully, they held their tongues during the symphonic band portion.  The whole concert was nearly three hours long.

Driving two hours to Collegetown and two hours back in one evening means I am utterly exhausted today.  YD was in her element on the ride back home, which began at 10:30 p.m., just the shank of the evening for our little night owl.  She spent about an hour trying to convince her Dad to read Les Miserables instead of just relying on the way the story is told in the movie.  I spent the time sitting in the passenger seat, making sure we did not run into any deer or other cars.  My husband did not appreciate my efforts.

I am going now to stare at my to-do list in the hopes that it will go away, or that it will at least say something like, “Make hot chocolate.  Drink it.”

Dorm room posters for the budding scientist

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smalltownme said...

Both my sons are in jazz bands. I would be very annoyed over the talking.

I love the paper chain.

Cassi said...

Rob and I have just been discussing how we don't need to take ALL the holiday decorations out. We can just use some of them, right? Then there will be less to put away. When did decorating go from being fun to being a chore? :-)

Rob also never appreciates my helpful advice from the passenger seat. I totally don't get that.

Becky Brown said...

I love the paper chain! There's just something so festive and youthful about paper chains. I'm a touch jealous of yours!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Good for you, driving all that way for a concert! Boooo! to the bores who talk during a performance.
That is an impressive paper chain! I like it. I'm even a little envious.
This afternoon my 2 boys at home put up the tree, and then the older teen's gf came over to help decorate the beast. It does look pretty now, but I still haven't put away the autumn decorations. They are beginning to pile up for that process.

Anonymous said...

That's a great chain!
Ugh. Talkers. I HATE them. I start with pointed glares and readily advance into "shushing" because I'm always positive that others are as annoyed as I am, so I count on the crowd backing me up if it gets ugly.

The Crislers said...

THREE HOURS? I'm starting to feel bad for complaining about Adelaide's 45 minute concert. Granted, I'm guessing what you heard was actual music, as opposed to small children seeing who could yell loudest to piano accompaniment.

And how nice of your neighbor! Don't feel guilty- I doubt that's what they would want you to feel.