Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Construction finished

Here is our completed gingerbread house.

I was thinking the bird would go on top of a tree,
but Younger Daughter had a better idea.

 We also made a gingerbread sleigh.  We did not have a Santa cookie cutter, and did not want to attempt to cut one freehand, so instead we have two Santa Bears in charge of the sleigh.

When my husband saw this, he said, "Ah, I see there are several Russian wolfhounds in this scene.  And some pine trees have fallen on the back of the sleigh."  I corrected him.  "Those are reindeer, of course.  And the sleigh is delivering the pine trees."

Some of the reindeer are goofing off, or maybe they drank too much egg nog.  Two of the reindeer have gummy bear riders.

Because we are a scientific household, but mostly because we had so very much gingerbread dough (never make a recipe that calls for 6 cups of flour, unless you need to make gingerbread houses for all your neighbors), YD was able to make some gingerbread lab equipment.  From the back, clockwise,  she made:   an Erlenmeyer flask, a petri dish (complete with something slimy emerging from it, and a lid), a graduated cylinder, a broken test tube, and two slides with slide covers. 

If you could make anything out of gingerbread, what would it be?


Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure I'd have to make a windmill. Oh, or book and a (square) mug. Those came out beautifully! Are you going to eat them?

Anonymous said...

I'd go old school and make a house.

Yours turned out really nice!

Cassi said...

Those turned out marvelously! Your house even has a door that's open --such impressive construction skills :-)

smalltownme said...

Nice work! I'd do something ordinary like a Tardis.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...


I adore those massive gingerbread replicas of famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower or Neuschwanstein.

Common Household Mom said...

A windmill would be a real challenge to make out of gingerbread! But the Tardis - maybe next year...

The Crislers said...

Did she make the test tube broken on purpose? Because that's how all mine always end up.

We're making flat, two-dimensional gingerbread houses tomorrow. That's as wild as it gets around here.