Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday Five: Work Space

As usual, I am late.  This was supposed to be up on Friday.  After I saw this challenge at SheRev, it took me a day to decide to bare all and show you my work space.  This is my desk, after being cleaned up.  The pile of papers (seen on the left, under red folder marked "Papers to be seen/signed by parent") is usually much taller.

So here are five (out of many) things in my workspace:

1.  The empty space where my work computer (laptop) usually resides.  The laptop is where I create statistics, and the computer you see in the photo is where I create everything else, except dinner.

2. Reading glasses. These are now crucial to my survival in the business world.  I am glad for the existence of cheap reading glasses.

3.  Precious and useful storage items crafted by my children and nieces.  If it weren’t for that one labeled “MOM” I would never know where to find my staple remover or rubber bands.

4.  Bil Lepp CD.  Bil Lepp is the funniest story-teller in the universe, and multiple winner of the West Virginia State Liar’s contest.  Plus he's a fully certified Methodist minister.

5.  Cow finger puppet.  This is representative of all the random weird stuff that makes its way to my desk.  I do not remember how I acquired this finger puppet, why I acquired it, or why it is still there.  It would be appropriate to put it in the box labeled “MOM.”  I wish I could think of a better use for it.

RevGalPals, thanks for letting me crash your Friday party, even though I am not a Rev, and even though I am late.  I am counting on the assumption that part of your workspace includes forgiveness.


Crimson Rambler said...

welcome! and thank you! This was great fun to read, and I am in awe, AWE that you know how to add numbers'n'arrows to your pic!

Karla Miller said...

That's what I was thinking, too---numbers and arrows to your picture!!! I am so glad you played---i love the mom boxes, and the fact that you have at least 2 pairs of reading glasses on your desk--I am not the only one that stocks up on them!!!!

Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

Love it!!! Also very exciting to see a picture of my blog on a blog that is NOT mine! And a third comment on the numbers and arrows. I was wishing I knew how to do that when I was writing mine, but didn't have the time, energy, or equipment to mess with it that day.