Thursday, October 15, 2009

Light Reading, no Greek puns, please

It was pleasant to read two fun books this week:  The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas, and Miss Julia Speaks her Mind By Ann B. Ross.  The first takes place in Kansas during the Great Depression, but it wasn’t depressing at all, just lots of fun and a little mystery.  The second book focuses on a recently-widowed woman, a Presbyterian, who gets stuck in quite a predicament.  For me it was a page-turner – intrigue and excitement, but in a Presbyterian way (decently and in good order).  The preacher men don’t come off looking too good, though. 

I really needed some fun reading to balance out my reading assignment: all about the Apostle Paul and his theology.  For me, it’s pretty difficult stuff to wade through.  It provides its own version of fun. In Philippians 3:2 there is a pun where Paul uses the word kakatome where normally the word peritome would be expected.  Not only is this pun in Greek, but it is a pun about circumcision.  ‘Nuff said.

At the library today I looked for another fun read, something without any Greek puns.  I found P.G. Wodehouse, but there were no Mma Ramotswe books (Alexander McCall Smith) which is really what I wanted to get.  I also got Mark Twain’s A Murder, A Mystery and A Marriage, but there’s no promise that it will be light-hearted.  Twain got to be rather bitter at times.

So does anybody have any light-hearted fun books to recommend?


mariah reed said...

I can loan you "North River" by Pete Hamill. Easy read. No Greek puns.

Can also recommend "Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year" by Anne Lamott. Also by Lamott: "Some Instructions on Writing and Life."

Common Household Mom said...

Okay! I have read some of Anne LaMott's writing - good stuff.