Friday, January 6, 2023

Selecting a Leader?

 Throughout history, humans have devised numerous methods for choosing leaders.

We in the Common Household want to do our part to provide viable ways to choose steady leadership.  Herewith, our illustrated list of ideas on how to select a leader. 


  • Science test

This is how Older Daughter studied for her
biology test in high school.  We could require
our leader to draw protist comic-book
 characters and name the parts of a flower.  

  • Twitter poll. Choose your bird carefully.

  • Baking contest

Anyone who can make cupcakes look like
mashed potatoes with butter and gravy wins.

  • Jar-opening contest

The first one to open all these jars
becomes supreme leader.

  • Folding a fitted sheet contest

Before the fitted-sheet-folding contest
begins, participants must be brave
enough to walk through this teen's room.

  • Art contest

Contestants must turn this into

this and then into

this without losing patience.

  • Whack a big rock with swords (the Dark Crystal method)

The candidates must use these tiny hors d'oeuvres swords 
to conquer this rock.

  • That's all I got. Sigh.


Melissa said...

I suspect any of these methods would result in better leadership than we've ended up with in the HR this election season. Sheesh.
Appreciate your sense of humor in this dark time!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I mistakenly hoped that the Rs would split themselves and the Ds would end up with the chair. Alas. I'm also not having a great time in church leadership these days, but I suppose I never thought it would be fun. I hope you are well!