Tuesday, May 20, 2014



The Widow Douglas, whose house you see there, is no doubt very happy that we finally got around to mowing again.

Strategic error:  BEFORE administering the icing, one should put the cake on the cake plate.
As soon as I brought my son home from college, I dashed out the door with Younger Daughter to her final theater class.  I left instructions with Son to make a chocolate cake for his Dad's birthday.  My husband had specified that he wanted "chocolate cake with appropriate icing, and no candy on it."  And that is what he got, all made by Son.
Here it is, AFTER maneuvering the cake to the cake plate, using several spatulas.Success!

The birthday man himself decided on a major transformation.

AFTER - he looks 10 years younger
Both Son and Younger Daughter had the same reaction to this change in facial hair:  "AAAAH!"  I love him either way but it seems like it would be cooler in the summer without the beard.
Older Daughter saw this photo...

... and painted this.


Cassi said...

Oh, I do LOVE the cake! Your kids are consistently clever :-)

I don't think I'd be so happy if Rob shaved his beard. Although at the same time, if he grew it any longer I'd revolt too.

BTW, I'm about halfway through the book Quiet, and I'm SO glad I got it. I've had to read multiple parts out loud to Rob and Emma (we are all introverts), and I think it's really helped Emma. Middle School is definitely a time when being an extrovert is prized, and it's so nice for her to hear that there's nothing wrong with her for wanting a bit of peace and quiet.

Angie said...

Awesome stuff! Such talented kids! Enjoy spring!!

The Crislers said...

I don't know your family in real life, but I love them. I just do.

"No candy" written in candy. Love.

That painting. Also love. (I am in awe of anyone with the tiniest modicum of artistic talent, as I have zero.)

And I always try and wait to mow til the grass is taller, as I find it to be more satisfying.

smalltownme said...

Love love love the cake, that is just too funny!

And the painting! Wow.

Joanie said...
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Common Household Mom said...

Joanie said...

Love your smart-ass kid: "no candy". Lol! Yr daughter is very talented! I love the painting. Bob does look a lot younger without his facial hair. I never even thought of that.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Ginny Marie said...

The cake had me laughing! My husband shaved of his beard last summer, and our kids were not happy at first!