Sunday, October 6, 2013

He's Our Pal

A few weeks ago my Mom, who used to teach middle schoolers, mentioned that she had a lesson in creative thinking in which she asked the students engage in this thought experiment:  think of an object and then imagine how it would be used if it were 10 times larger or smaller.

That very thought experiment is being carried out in real life this month in Pittsburgh, except the magnitude is not 10x but about 120x.

Pittsburgh has yellow bridges, and now a Yellow Ducky.

Saturday we went on an excursion to see it, and since Einstein was the king of thought experiments, we took him along.

Me with my pal Einstein, and Ducky

It is hard to tell what they both are thinking.

Contemplative Duck

Menacing Duck
My husband had the same reaction to this duck as he did to the Chautauqua Institution.  He just kept saying, “I don’t get it.”  I told him that it is art.  He said, “Hi, Art.”  Or maybe he was saying “High art,” but I doubt it.

I can’t tell what Einstein thought of this, be it art or thought experiment gone wild. I suspect he is relieved to know that giant inflatable duck toys don’t eat smaller-than-life scientist toys.  As for the real-life thought experiment results, so far it seems that Pittsburgh loves this giant duck. We are using it partly to promote love and brotherhood, but mainly as a brief distraction from watching sports games.  

Einstein says, "Don't eat me, Rubber Ducky!"
What do you think, readers?  Does this fit your notion of art?  Do you want to invite this Ducky to your town?


Angie said...

Yes, I want the duck to come to Lake Charles. Because it's quirky. And Lake Charles is quirky.

Alison said...

I thought it was a distraction from the government shutdown.

Sarah said...

Art? I dunno. Fun? Definitely.

Doug Balcom said...

Yes. We are jealous that Pittsburgh got the giant ducky and Seattle didn't (at least not yet). The closest we've got are a large number of those obnoxious WWII-era amphibious truck/boats full of tourists that play loud music as they ply our streets & waterways, and travel under the banner, "Ride the Ducks!" We'll trade you anytime.

Anonymous said...

That thing is freaky big. I don't think it's coming to a harbor near me anytime soon...maybe Chicago? Does it swim in fresh water?

Cassi said...

I'm with your husband. Maybe I'd feel differently if I saw in IRL, but the pictures don't do much for me.

However, I'd go look at a big rubber duck over watching football any time!