Friday, May 4, 2012

Waiting for Me at Home

Just back from a business trip.  Happy to be home.

Business folk like to write in clipped sentences, leaving off the personal pronouns.  But we do not live in the era of telegrams anymore.  I prefer pronouns.  Don’t you?

When I arrived home, here is what I found waiting for me that wasn't here when I left.

These flowers are in my husband's garden.  I forget what they are called, but
I know that they weren't blooming when I left town 4 days ago.

Time to be a Citizen.


This 12-foot long 6-inch pipe belongs to my son.  For his Eagle Scout project.
  I hope he knows what he's doing.

This newly planted hydrangea belongs to my husband.  Every day he says, "I'm going to see if my stick is growing."
Just for reference, this is what that stick is supposed to look like. 

Lilacs!  Perfumes the whole neighborhood!
The most miraculous thing of all that was waiting for me was... a full gas tank!  I left the car for my son to drive around, so he could do things like fetch 6-inch pipe and gravel and such.  (Isn't that what every teenage boy longs to do while his mother is out of town?)  I expected it to be empty of gasoline on my return, because new drivers seem to expect the gas tank to be like that pot in the fairy tale that filled itself with porridge whenever the heroine said the magic words.    "Fill, Gas Tank, Fill!"

So, Dear Reader, been anywhere lately?  Plant any dead sticks?  Find pipes randomly appearing in your yard?  Lost any pronouns?


joanie said...

the first photo looks like dianthus, but probably isn't.

about the hydrangea; do you still have the receipt?

Alison said...

I was going to guess dianthus, too.

Cassi said...

I agree with Joanie about the hydrangea. How many days has it looked like that? :-)

That is dianthus --I have two clumps of that exact variety, although mine are on the north side of the house and still just in bud.

I definitely prefer pronouns. I am not a fan of business-speak in any of it's forms, although most particularly those motivational posters. I do like the ones that make fun of them, though.

Anonymous said...

I fear I have several dead sticks--the tree seedlings I planted did not all look terribly healthy.
A full tank of gas! Miracle of miracles!