Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting Ready for the Exodus

It's P minus 2:  2 days until the Passover Seder on Monday night.  So far I've used 16 eggs.  But I haven't made the subtle and elusive Marble Sponge Cake yet. That cake takes 10 eggs.  And 5 bowls.

Looky what you can order from  Manischewitz and Tom Wright arrived in the same box!  How's that for interfaith?  I can't buy potato starch here in the grocery store, nor can I find N.T. Wright's books in the nearby bookstore.

Chicken soup.  Matzo balls still to be made (another 2 eggs there).

Baking Cake #1:  Miriam's Passover Torte.  This cake takes only 6 eggs, but requires grating the chocolate.  I did it in the food processor, and it left a fine chocolate dust all over everything.  Sounds delicious, but actually it's just messy.

Starting to set the table - the seder plate, candles, and haggadahs


Maria Sondule said...

Your passover meal was DELISH

Angie said...

My Sunday School class is studying "John, for Everyone," same series, same author. I have no idea where the church ordered the books.