Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Mr. P.

Mr. P,

I appreciate your desire to have the students rehearse for the musical as much as possible.  But I need to point out that the school district web site announced today at 11:15 am that ALL after-school activities were cancelled today.   Because you decided to countermand that decision and hold the rehearsal for the musical anyway, now I must go out in a snowstorm to fetch my kids, at the same time as I am supposed to meet the elementary school bus.  This is, at the least, a great inconvenience to me, and at the worst, a risk to my kids.  Next time, please reconsider making a decision that disregards the official school district decision.

Common Household Mom

* * * * * * * * *
Okay, maybe this should be considered a minor annoyance.  I didn't have to deal with an earthquake, a flood, or head lice today.  And Dear Husband came home in time to save me from having to drive in the snow to get the kids.  But Dear Husband did drive right onto the  neighbor's lawn because the car skidded when he went around the corner.  He is used to driving in the snow, and he said it was treacherous.

It's now been snowing steadily for about 2 hours.  We have about 3 inches, but there has been no salt truck since before it started.  Here's what our street looks like.

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