Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hard to Write

It's been hard to write about anything. Mom's been sick, and my dear friend's son is very ill. See her blog at

I went out of town to see my parents while my Mom was ill, and helped my Dad out a bit. While I was gone the family decided to bake a cake. When Common Household Mom is not around for baking expotitions, things happen a little differently.

Since the Common Household Family wanted to make a LOT of cake, they made 1.5 times the usual recipe, and they used 3 round cake pans. When the cakes came out of the oven, they were tilted. We had our stove repaired a while back, and it must have gotten off kilter then. Youngest Daughter saw the lopsided cakes, and commented, "Our kitchen must be tilted!" Dad said, "No, it's just that the oven is tilted." Daughter disagreed, and decided the problem was even bigger. "OUR WHOLE HOUSE IS TILTED, DAD!"

And lately it has seemed that the whole world is lopsided, tilted, off-balance. Off-balance with dreadful illness, pain, and difficulty for loved ones. Tilted toward a lot of prayer and concern.


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