Saturday, September 20, 2008


Tomorrow my Bible study group meets. Every week I look forward to it. Each person brings a unique understanding to the text. Examining the text in detail almost always brings a new level of meaning to it.

We are studying the gospel of Luke, and we’ll be looking at the passage about the Last Supper tomorrow. The disciples have an argument, while there are really significant,sad things going on right before their eyes. Sort of like having a blog which discusses head lice and tomatoes, while the world is in financial turmoil, hurricanes are hitting land, bombs are exploding in Pakistan, and war continues in Iraq. But the remarkable thing is that while people are plotting to take Jesus’ life, Jesus is all about getting ready for a meal with his friends. Jesus is focused on the details, and on spending time with people he values, while the big turmoil swirls around him.

I'm sad about Pakistan - a bomb exploded today in Islamabad. Today I pray for Pakistan, its people, its mountains and valleys, its rice and spice crops – blessing and peace and healing.

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