Sunday, March 4, 2012

Signs of Hope

Today we had snow squalls.  Which made it an excellent day to look for signs of spring.

Last fall we planted several dozen new bulbs.  I labeled where I planted them, never really expecting anything to come of them, but wanting to know where to look in the early spring anyway.  And I found them today! 

Last May we also added this creature to our family. 

It’s a Kwanzan cherry tree, and is planted in the same spot where our dear old apple tree (R.I.P.) was.  And look!  It has buds on it!

After the grueling February that I had, with three long-distance trips, I’m so glad to be home and enjoying these signs of hope.

What signs of spring or hope have you seen lately?  


Steve Martin said...

It was 89 degrees here yesterday...and yet I could see no signs of Spring...or any other season for that matter.

Nice photos. What a beautiful garden you will have in a short while.

Cassi Renee said...

I love the optimism in your first sentence.

We have woken up to a cold, crisp, very glittery and snowy morning. It is really beautiful, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow's warmer temps and some melting.

Angie said...

I'm excited about spring, too, CHM! Here, the azaleas and red bud trees are in bloom. And it's time to plant some vegetables.