Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grading Dinner

Do you remember those times when you were asked to grade yourself on some school assignment?  It’s hard to gauge one’s own skill.

Sometimes I learn what the family really thinks of my cooking.  For instance, yesterday I had this conversation with my son, in which he assigned a letter grade to the dinner plans.

Son:  What’s for dinner?

Me:  Baked chicken, asparagus, corn muffins, cranberry sauce, and, and, that’s it.

Son:  Well, I like 75% of those things... That’s a C.

Me:  Watch it, buster. 

Son: Some people would be happy to get a C.

Me:  Some people should be happy to get dinner.

* * * * *

Then there was this conversation, sometime last year, which reveals my capability of making not one, but two dishes in one week which nobody in the family liked. 

The scene: The family were partaking of Cheez-its®, directly from the box, during dinner.  I said, to show how indulgent I am of my family’s tastes, “Not every mother serves Cheez-its at dinner.  But at least I didn’t serve Cheez-it Casserole.”   This provoked guffaws from My Dear Husband.  He was remembering, without fondness, a recipe from the previous week which I got from a magazine.  Yes, it had Cheezits® in it.

Youngest Daughter:  What’s Cheez-it Casserole?

Me:  Remember that casserole I made last week that nobody wanted to eat?

YD: Do you mean the tofu?

Me:  No, the other meal no one wanted to eat. That had Cheez-its in it.

YD:  It did?!  Why did it have Cheez-its in it?

Oldest Daughter:  To make it more cheesy. 

Son:  I liked the chicken in that casserole.

Oldest Daughter:  I didn’t like the chicken but I liked the broccoli.

* * * * *

And now I am thoroughly tired of typing Cheez-it®, which offends my spelling sensibilities.  Tonight’s Common Household dinner plan is hotdogs and buns.  I would give myself a D for that, but the family will give it an A.

Dear Reader, what’s for dinner tonight at your place, and what grade would your clientele give it?  (If it gets a high grade, maybe we’ll come over!) Have you ever had Cheez-its® for dinner?


Cassi Renee said...

Funny --Emma is on a Cheez-it kick. Me, I don't see the appeal, really.

Emma's dinner tonight will involve an apple, and then some less healthy stuff. This is one of the night's Rob teaches, so we don't do a family dinner. Instead, we fend for ourselves and I force something healthy into her meal :-)

Angie said...

I haven't thought about dinner yet today. I suppose I should soon. Last night I scored big with a Mexicana casserole. I layered ham, black olives, black beans, corn, salsa, cheese, and cornbread and baked it. Super easy.

Susan Jones said...

Tonight was delivery night at work, so dinner was supposed to be honey barbecue boneless wings. It turned out to be honey barbecue boneless giant chicken nuggets. (No chicken would have dreamed of flying with those wings!) And celery and bleu cheese dip, because I forgot to specify ranch dressing instead . . . don't know what anybody would rate that, but at least it tasted good. except for the bleu cheese dip.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

GRILLED CHEESE--because it's Lent and I don't cook fish very well and we have 2 extra boys spending the night. Catholic boys. I'll serve up bacon for breakfast;)
A "C" for dinner--that's cute.

Common Household Mom said...

All those things sound great for dinner. Yes, even the apple. It's a good way to start off, anyway.

And now I'm thinking I should institute "delivery night" in the Common Household.

My husband once ordered 'boneless wings' and sure enough they were giant nuggets.

Bijoux said...

I think I'd like a Cheez-Its casserole. My husband always says the only good thing about his mom's tuna noodle casserole was the potato chips on top.

We are having beef gyros and a fruit salad. I think my clientele will give it a B+. We've only had it 2 times in the past. My son will not like the cucumbers in the sauce. You can never please everybody, unless of course, you serve hot dogs (and then I'M the one who's not happy)