Friday, March 30, 2012

Out and About at Deep Creek Lake

Angie has asked about my the photo on my blog banner. I am so glad she asked this, because thinking about it all week has calmed me during a busy week.  The photo is from a vacation we took in 2008.

It was one of my favorite family vacations.  My parents rented a giant house and we all gathered there for a week, my brothers and their families, my aunt, my parents, and the Common Household, 17 in all.  

This vacation had many wonderful aspects.  Here are some photos of the outdoor things we experienced on that vacation.

The view in one direction:
My husband rented that pontoon boat, and I have rarely seen 
him happier than when he was the captain of that boat.

The view in the other direction:
I am sure that by now it is no longer a field.  The land must
 be worth more as vacation homes than as farmland.

Wildlife, both flora and fauna:

Swimming, boating and fishing:
We are a safety-conscious bunch, eh?!

That's my sister-in-law.  She caught several fish, which
 we fried up and ate.  One bite for each person.

And this sport.  I'm not sure what this sport is called.  It's not really tubing, which I think involves floating lazily down a river.  This involves flopping into this overgrown inner tube with your feet trailing in the water, and hanging on for dear life while the boat pulls the inner tube through the water as fast as possible.
 I am a scaredy-cat but I had to try it once.

Hiking in the woods:
Three cousins on a pleasant hike.

Youngest Daughter, hiking with her uncle.

A fire tower to climb!  Not for those with fear of heights.


And at the end of the day, stories and skits around the campfire:

Tomorrow, photos of a few inside activities during that vacation.


Marcie said...

I love Deep Creek Lake! We went there several times and they are some of my families best memories.

Angie said...

I love this area, too! My mom's family is from the Friendsville area, and I grew up camping and swimming at Swallow Falls and Herrington Manor. Did you go there?

Cassi Renee said...

A purple mushroom! So pretty. And so is that handful of wild flowers.

This place looks wonderful, and how great to be able to rent a house big enough for that many people.

Is this in the midwest?

Common Household Mom said...

It's in western Maryland.