Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Weekend to Remember

A Photo Essay

How I feel after this weekend:
(All limp and dried out)

This weekend's activity was:

(Moving my aunt to the retirement home)

The really draining thing about the weekend was not the physical labor, but the emotional drama of it all.  You'd think after 70 years, siblings would have put their rivalry behind them, but no.  That is all I am able to say about that in this space.

And here is what ended up at our house, for the foreseeable future:
(several boxes of cut glass, including 14 salt dishes; 2 boxes of LP records; a full set of china, except for the teacups, most of which broke a long time ago; random papers; old photos; a corner curio cabinet, and one cuckoo clock)

The corner cabinet is inside the green bubble wrap.  I agreed to take it before I knew that one leg was broken off.  Sigh.  And who on earth owns 14 salt dishes?  Does anybody even use salt dishes any more?


Joanie said...

Bring salt dishes for show and tell on Friday!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are a saint to pitch in and help. Those situations are stressful enough when everyone DOES get along.

Cassi Renee said...

Moving is so awful, even without all the extra nonsense.

We own a salt dish. Just the one. We inherited in when my MIL passed away. I have NO idea where it is right now, and I've never used it.

Steve Martin said...

It is a sad thing, how we end up...and all our possesions are divied up or tossed out.

We'll all be in the same boat one day.

Sorta makes one pine for the New Creation. No more sadness, no more tears.

You are a good egg for helping out.

God bless you.