Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Searching the past

It seems to be the time for reviewing the past.  So here’s a brief review of this blog’s historic past.

Oddly, quite a number of people come here seeking information about chipmunks.  The most-clicked-on post is Perils in Suburbia from two summers ago. 
A few of the search terms that have led people to this blog:

Subcategory: chipmunks
- chipmunk facts
- angry christmas chipmunk
- a questionable chipmunk

Subcategory: Momentous things I wrote about

Subcategory: Things I don’t remember writing about
- women wearing men's clothes in the bible
- are pumpkin spiders poisonous
- easy right triangle solving slogans (I did mention this, but offered no solutions and no slogans)
- cleverbot jesus of suburbia

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's an amazing thing how people tag a blog.