Friday, January 20, 2012

On the menu

I am outta here!  I am retreating for the weekend to my church’s annual women’s retreat.  There is a winter storm scheduled to start late tonight, into tomorrow morning, but I plan to get out of town before the storm hits.

Last night at dinner we had this conversation in preparation for the survival of the rest of the family, while I am gone.

Common Household Husband:  What should we have to eat while Mom is away?

Son: Obviously, we need Ho-hos, Doritos, nutter-butters...

Husband:  What about the main course?

Youngest Daughter:  Your hamburgers!

Son:  We could have Twinkies, but they’re going out of business.

YD:  Your hamburgers, Dad!

Son:  How about Cheese Whiz?

Husband:  I don’t think I’ve ever had Cheese Whiz.  Where I grew up, they have Hickory Farms. There’s nothing like a Hickory Farms port wine cheese ball! ... So, what do you want for the main course?

Son:  How about Chicken Parmesan?

Husband:  (glares at son, because Husband does not want to cook this weekend, and doesn’t know where to buy Chicken Parmesan)

YD: Do you mean Parmesan Chicken?

I am hoping, for the pizza delivery person’s sake, that the Wintry Mix is all over with by the time the Common Household wants its dinner Saturday night.  And it’s too bad that Hostess Brands couldn’t have held off on the bankruptcy, because purchases of their products will likely increase this weekend.

If you were away for the weekend, what would your household eat?


Joanie said...

Smoked turkey breast sandwiches, oranges, Ginger ale, raspberry pie, cereal with milk, lots of cookies and candy.

Cassi Renee said...

Subway or Jimmy Johns sandwiches. I think my husband would eat those very day for the rest of his life :)

Alison said...

Boston Market chicken and Take-out Chinese!

Angie said...

Frozen bean burritos. Have fun at the women's retreat. I miss that so much.

Susan said...

Thanks for posting a link to your blog on Rachel Held Evans’ blog. I enjoyed poking around your blog!