Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leadership Lessons?

Tonight’s dinner conversation:

Youngest Daughter said, with excitement, “In band class today we watched a leadership video.  I learned that if you quickly clasp your hands together with your fingers interlocked, then if you’ve got the left thumb on top then you are right-brained, and you are a good kisser, but if...”

Me:  You’re a good what?

YD:  A good kisser.  But if the right thumb is on top then you are left-brained, and a good thinker.

Husband: Where did you learn that?

YD:  I learned it from the guy in the leadership movie we watched in music class.  The guy’s name was Tim.

Me: Why were you watching a movie in music class?

Son:  Tim?!  “There are some who call me Tim.”

(Husband and Son imagine Monty Python’s Tim the Enchanter starring in a leadership video.  Teaching people to clasp their hands together.)

Me:  Wait a minute.  What you’re saying is that if you are a good kisser then you’re not a thinker?  And if you are a good thinker then you’re a terrible kisser?

Husband:  Why does the left thumb on top mean you are right-brained?

YD:  Because the right side of the brain governs the left side of the body.

Husband:  Which side do you use to talk with?

YD:  Well, what side of your mouth are you using?

Husband:  I speak out of both sides of my mouth.

I’m glad my daughter learned some good lessons about leadership from this video.  By Tim.  In music class.  

No wonder the election is going the way it is. 


Cassi Renee said...

A very funny conversation (especially your husband!) but what I really want to know is how this hand-clasping stuff has anything to do with leadership?! If this is what they teach in school about leadership, the US is in even worse shape than I thought.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, great stuff. I bet it's on the test later, too. (cracks up--no child left behind--they'll all know if they kiss good or not)

Anonymous said...

So I tried this hand clasping thing and eneded making a fist, there is Leadership for you ,rule with an iron fist .
Can't believe the drivel that they are teaching !!!Yes it is me again.

John Stonecypher (a.k.a., ShackBibleGuy) said...

Awesome. Why didn't I ever get great lessons like that in music class? And by the way, props on raising your children so well that they can so easily apply Monty Python to daily life. It gives me hope for the future.