Sunday, January 15, 2012

Carpe Snowem!

What’s a girl to do when there is a scant 2 inches of snow on the ground?  Go sledding anyway!

Despite being in the final stages of planning the church women’s retreat, I decided to brave the cold with Youngest Daughter yesterday.  

We had a grand time. Playing outside eased the emptiness caused by Oldest Daughter’s departure back to college.  Trudging up the short hill kept at bay my frustrating uselessness in the face of my Dad’s illness and my Mom’s frantic caregiving.  The snowfall may have messed up somebody’s day, but it was right on time for me.

Common Household Mom engaging in her favorite winter sport

Youngest Daughter goes down backwards

Then today, Youngest Daughter was all, “I’m calling my friends to invite them over!”  She rarely has this idea on her own, so I was all for it.  Soon we had four girls running around in the snow.

Enough energy to RUN up the hill.

Snowball fight!

Another creature had been out there in the night or early morning.  Rabbit? Deer? Dog? Cat?

The girls stayed out there for a long time.  Good thing, because it is forecast to rain tomorrow.  This snow will be GONE.


Anonymous said...

Love it! ESP the title! Joanie

Cassi Renee said...

Wow, you have that hill in your yard? How lucky your girl is! Rob had to drive Emma and equipment to a hill in town to go sledding.

I'm glad you were afforded a little distraction from the stress.

And, is that actually a picture of you? Is that a first for this blog? :-)

Common Household Mom said...

When we were house-shopping we searched all over for a place with a flat yard. At the time we were disappointed to discover that such a place just doesn't exist around here. In the winter we love having this hill!

Yes, the photo is the actual me. It's a first on this blog, and it took a great deal of arguing with myself to reach the point where I could put it there.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sledding is the BEST fun! I'm glad you both enjoyed the little snow--hoping to take my crew to the hill soon here.