Thursday, February 25, 2010

Theological Cleaning thoughts

Today was the day to clean the master bathroom.  I often think theological thoughts while cleaning the bathroom.  Who doesn’t?  First I redeemed the time by praying earnestly for several friends and family members who are going through troubles and rough spots far more difficult than cleaning the bathroom. And the people in Haiti who still don’t have access to a proper bathroom.  And friends and family who aren’t going through tough times.  I asked for God’s blessing on all of them.

Insert historical gratitude pause here:  gratitude for the people who invented indoor plumbing, and flush toilets in particular.  This invention may have done more to further civilization than anything else.  And that is all I am going to say about toilets.

So while I was sanctifying the shower stall walls, I prayed intercessorily.  I want to add that I do pray for y’all at many other times, not just while cleaning the bathroom.  This was prayer and bathroom sanctification double-tasking, which should be biblically okay, since it says somewhere in there “pray continually.”    

Long-time readers of this blog, of which there is only one, will note that the last time the bathroom on this blog was cleaned was November 1, 2008.  No comment.

One thing I dislike about cleaning the shower stall is that I get wet.  I’m on the tall side of “petite,” which here does not mean cute, small and pixie-like, but short, middle-aged, and wide.  I have to reach way up to scrub the higher parts of the shower stall, and the water always drips down my arms.  Blech. Then while scrubbing the floor of the shower, inevitably my pants knees get wet.  The only solution I can think of would be to clean in my skivvies, but I don’t even know what skivvies are, and besides, I like having some fabric between my bare knees and the scum.  We must be in the scum, but not of it.

Then as I scrubbed the bathroom floor, I thought that I should do a biblical study on hair.  Our bathroom floor accumulates a lot of it, for some reason.  I think it comes in through the air vents from the nearby llama farm*.  Surely Lent is an appropriate time to study hair in the Bible, with everybody wearing their hair shirts for repentance.

On second thought, I think I’d better go do some real repenting.  It’s time to fill out my tax return.  Which is the real reason I was cleaning the bathroom – it’s much preferable to filling out the tax return.

* about 120 miles away.


Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Amen, CHM! Great post.

Alison said...

I usually clean the shower while I'm taking one. Is that weird?