Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Survey: Numbers

Thanksgiving survey:

It's time!  It's what you have all been waiting for!  It's a semi-reasonable excuse to stop cooking and sit down for a few minutes!

1. Name a mathematical concept for which you are grateful, and explain why.

2. Name a number that will be useful to you on Thanksgiving Day.

3.  What time do you expect your Thanksgiving dinner to begin?

Please include units (inches, years, nanoliters, etc) in your answers, if appropriate.

Both a number and a dessert

How many raisins belong in a pie?

A large number of boiling beets

Not enough Brussels sprouts for our Thanksgiving guests

This many shoes by the front door means a delightful  number of guests
If you just love surveys unscientifically designed by a mediocre statistician, here are my Thanksgiving surveys from past years:


smalltownme said...

1. Oh please, I can't think of math concepts right now.
2. 4. I'm only cooking for 4 people. Of course I will cook too much.
3. 5 p.m.

Cassi said...

1. The Finbonacci Spiral. It makes nature so elegant and beautiful :-)
2. X: I'm not sure of the number of bottles of wine I'll be bringing to dinner yet :-)
3. Usually 2 p.m.

BTW --the correct number of raisins in ANY dish is ZERO!!

The Crislers said...

1. I can't. I can't do the maths today. My brain just won't.
2. I'm hosting a number of people who believe that undercooked meat is some sort of delicacy or sign of tastiness, so 180 DEGREES is very important to me, as that is what my meat thermometer needs to read before I will yank that bird out of the oven, and not a single degree lower. I like my turkey without a side of salmonella, thankyouverymuch.
3. Whenever the turkey is completely done and cooked through. This is the hill I have chosen to die on.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Today I 'm thankful for SUBTRACTION. I'm trying to eliminate things, that's why.
A number? Hm. Five. That's how many heads I count every day.
We won't eat until almost 3:00, sometimes 3:30. I always insist on feeding my kids lunch as a result of that fact.

Alexia said...

1, 2 and 3: I am so grateful that we don't have Thanksgiving in this country!