Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Independent Einstein

Before July subsides into August, I want to update you on our Independence Day festivities.  We went to visit my brother in Maryland, where we spent the weekend celebrating both the nation’s independence and my niece’s 15th birthday (Quinceanos).  

First we had rehearsal for the elaborate quinceanos service.  Here is Einstein enjoying some Beethoven, played by the Common Household Son.

This is me wondering if I will get the music right.
The youths (the ‘court’ of the quinceanera) practiced the waltz that they all had to do at the beginning of the party.

Then we went to a fireworks display at the campus of the University of Maryland.  This was Einstein’s first fireworks show, and it was a doozy.   

Einstein enjoys a night of freedom.

A day prior, a hurricane had sideswiped DC, leaving behind strong winds on July 4.  They started the fireworks display early, before it was even dark.   

After a bit, we started noticing that fireworks embers were being carried swiftly by the wind so that they descended, still lit, over the crowd.   Activities planned by my brother are usually more exciting than we bargain for, and this time was no exception.  The live fireworks came more close and more live.  Spent casings fell on our heads.

Spent fireworks casings

Then, abruptly, with no finale, the fireworks display ended.  This probably saved our lives.  I think Einstein enjoyed it.


Cassi Renee said...

When I think back to how close we were allowed to get to major fireworks displays when I was a kid! I suppose it was accidents that pushed the audience area back. I'm glad that you guys weren't burned, and that Einstein enjoyed his outing :-)

smalltownme said...

Einstein seems to be having a good time.

The Crislers said...

I love the photo of Einstein watching the fireworks. Do you ever wonder if his face moves and smiles and grimaces and such when you're not looking?

Or is that just me?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Einstein enjoying all of these events is so charming.