Sunday, May 4, 2014

Party for the Young

We had two parties last weekend. 

The first was for my nephew’s birthday.  His Dad, my younger brother, has apparently celebrated plenty of 8th and 16th birthday parties, and made use of his birthday supplies and his math knowledge to come up with correct candling for the cake. 

We also celebrated the expected arrival in the fall of my nephew’s first child (the due date is my father’s birthday). I will be a great aunt!  Or is that Great Aunt?  Great-aunt?  Grate Ant?  Good thing I have a few months to figure that out.  Maybe I should just asked to be called Her Highness.

In anticipation of this baby, the parents-to-be received as a gift The Nutshell Library by Maurice Sendak.  Oh, how I loved those tiny books when I was a child.  We had a group reading of Pierre, with some of us quoting it from memory.   “Pierre’s in there!”

Then, we truly inducted this baby’s Momma into our family by forcing her to watch the movie The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob.  I have never met anyone outside of my immediate family (my parents and my brothers) who have seen this movie.  My brothers and I quote it just as easily as we do The Nutshell Library.

It is possibly the funniest movie ever.  (My caveat is that I am not a big movie buff, so the catalog of movies I have seen is small.) It first came out in 1973, is in French with subtitles, and stars Louis de Funès, who is a comic genius, in my opinion. The movie takes every racial and ethnic stereotype and turns it on its head.  It also has a lot of slapstick in it.   We can only watch it at my mother’s house, because we only have it on videotape, and she is the only one in the universe left with a VCR to play it on.

What is your favorite childhood book?  The funniest movie you have ever seen?


smalltownme said...

From my childhood, I loved Little Women. From my sons', Where the Wild Things Are. They were so good at the terrible roars.

Cassi Renee said...

When I was a little girl my mom read "Home for a Bunny" (by Margaret Wise Brown) to me over and over (so she says). We found it for Emma, and I can still quote it. But my favorite books from when Emma was a child are the Sandra Boynton books. I can still quote "But not the hippopotamus!" We had the board book versions, and they are preserved in a box, in their well-chewed state :-)

Suburban Correspondent said...

Chicken Soup With Rice!

The Crislers said...

The Funniest Movie Ever? I have to see that one. It all sounds very appealing.

When my first boyfriend came over to my house to meet my parents, the poor young lad asked my dad, "What should I call you?" My dad's response: "Oh Exalted One." I think you should skip Grate Ant and go straight for that.