Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mass, Space, and Matter

Last week, someone sent me this meme on facebook:

It was a particularly timely meme, because just the day before I had experienced space and mass first-hand.

Usually, when faced with a big space and mass experience, I make a list.   

This was my list.  I put all this stuff in the van, plus extra boxes.
That red thing is the hand truck: very useful for the task ahead.

Then I drove the van to meet my son in Collegetown.  I drove as if driving a rocket through space, because I had to get back in just a few hours for Younger Daughter's theater class.

We packed this mass into the van. 
True to his Boy Scout training, he was really prepared when I got there – all boxes packed, access to vacuum cleaner procured, check-out procedure pre-approved. 

We also met up with Older Daughter who had asked for moving boxes.  It turned out she only wanted one box, but she had several already packed for us to take home.  She came home on her own a few days later, with an additional mass of stuff.

Now they are home with their mass of stuff spread out in their space.  It is a mystery to me how their stuff fit in their dorm rooms, which are a lot smaller than their bedrooms at home.   

But forget tidying up the mass in the space.  Older Daughter has thrown herself wholeheartedly into her summer job, and Son has thrown himself halfheartedly into finding a summer job.  (He has an interview on Wednesday, so I’m a-prayin’ on that.)   They are home, and that’s what matters.


Angie said...

Andrew came home yesterday and will call about a job tomorrow. Eric will be home for just a couple weeks, then off to Texas on a mission trip till Aug. 8.

smalltownme said...

So I would assume the hand truck is equally useful when taking them back to school. My husband is driving our son to school this fall, I will make sure he puts it in the truck!

Common Household Mom said...

@Smalltownme, it depends. When the freshmen class moves in, there are umpteen upperclassmen (usually from frats and sororities) who are there to help people carry things to their dorm room, find their way around campus, etc. At the end of freshman year (moving out), and moving in every year after that, it's every student for himself.

The Crislers said...

That is an impressive vehicle-packing job! "Hand truck"- I've never heard it called that, although it makes sense. 'Round these here parts, it's a dolly, which I think is the way you wrote it on your list?