Friday, May 10, 2013

Unemployment stats

The national unemployment rate for teenagers is 22.5%.  On Monday the Common Household unemployment rate for teenagers was 100%.  In their defense, the two household teenagers eligible for summer jobs have been concentrating on taking exams, and that is as it should be.  They did make some effort to find jobs in early April, before all this test-taking started, but without success. 

From my completely unbiased perspective, local businesses should be fighting to hire these two worthy individuals.  Hey, Local Businesses, these are hard-working, trustworthy kids.  Please hire them for the next two months.  You could even get a two-fer – hire both of them at the same time.  A sibling package!

On April 15, I expressed my frustration that neither kid had been able to line up a summer job yet.  I said to my son, “I don’t understand it.  You and Oldest Daughter should be highly employable.”  He said, “Well, at least I’m tax deductible.”

The next day, he was planning to go out hunting for a summer job.  I was hoping he was finding the right method to follow on this task.  I asked, philosophically, “Have you found your path?”  Son said, “I can find the length of a path using integrals…”

He had applied to Subway sandwich shops.  I asked him why he wanted to work there, and he said he hoped they would give him free sandwiches.  He made it sound like all we fed him was hardtack and gruel, like he should wear a sign that says “Will Work For Food.”  (Actually that could save me quite a bit of money.) He also applied to the local ice cream shop, probably for a similar reason.

 He was very disappointed to find out recently that the ice cream shop was not hiring anybody else for the summer.

His latest thought: “Maybe I could get a summer job at the Ski Shop.”

On Wednesday we brought Oldest Daughter home from college.  By Thursday afternoon she had been hired on the spot as an aide at a local nursing home. Thanks, Local Business!  The Common Household unemployment rate is dropping fast.  Demand for the family car will be increasing accordingly.


Cassi Renee said...

Your son needs an internship, not a summer job :-)

I wonder if it's easier for girls to find temporary jobs?

Angie Kay Dilmore said...
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Angie Kay Dilmore said...

My boys couldn't find employment last summer. This summer, with college pending, this is not an option. Andrew starts his first summer job on Monday, thanks to a friend at our church who owns a cement construction company. (Somebody is about to learn the meaning of HARD WORK!) Eric doesn't come home until the end of the month, so he gets a late start. We'll see.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Maybe he needs to start his own business....I know a kid who has made a small bundle owning and operating vending machines all over town and another with a healthy lawn care/chore service.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I'm not sure what ages you've got there in your household, but my 17yo hasn't been able to get a job with Subway since they seem to like ages 18 and up. (My nephew had a job with them for about a year and let us in on that little tidbit.)
Our 20yo has been trying to get a job at the local Walmart but right now they are in the midst of inventory instead. He has yet to obtain regular employment but he has managed to get some manual labor jobs via a Craigslist ad!