Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hallmark Day Vignettes

At breakfast this morning no one else was up but my son and me.  I passed him the Sunday comics, before I had even read them myself, because I’m that kind of Mom. He usually doesn’t speak during breakfast, but today he said to me, “Oh, Happy Mother’s Day….It’s a good thing that Charlie Brown mentioned Mother’s Day.”

* * * * *

In the afternoon I successfully avoided having to go see the movie Iron Man 3.  Youngest Daughter also opted to stay home.  After the others left to go to the movie, she asked me, “Mommy, would you like to go upstairs for several hours while I make a Mother’s Day surprise for you?”

Every mother shudders to think what ‘surprises’ her child could concoct, given several hours alone, and how expensive it would be to make the repairs after such surprises. 

I said, “Okay, but you have to use a real recipe!” Then I decided to throw caution to the wind – I went upstairs to take a nap.  How much trouble could a 13-year-old make?  I heard some clattering of dishes, which was okay.  It’s when there is no noise at all that you know real trouble is brewing.

She made a sort of ‘spice bread’ which was tasty but had not quite enough baking powder in it.  This is the sign that she made up her own recipe. I said, “But I told you to use a real recipe.”  She said, “I never promised to do that.”

* * * * *

When the others got back from the movie, Oldest Daughter asked me, “Are you interested in playing a Mother’s Day game of ‘Settlers of Catan’?”

Um, no!  Instead I read my book, which is Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.  To me, it’s much more fascinating than settling Catan.

All in all, a very good day, especially for someone who doesn't like Mother's Day.  I hope all my readers had a good day, too.

Trying to break the record for the most number of times
a photo of Settlers of Catan is posted to a blog.


Cassi Renee said...

What I mostly want for Mother's Day (or any day really) is some time alone. That's a hard thing to tell your kids, though :-)

And I know exactly how you feel about the "surprises" concocted! The clean-up is often pretty awful. Emma was going to make dinner last night, but she and her dad got caught up in cutting wood out in the barn to make a hamster maze, so I happily put it together myself, all alone in the house.

The Crislers said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! A nap and a book sound pretty ideal to me, because I agree with Cassi Renee; all I want for Mother's Day is to be by myself.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I took a nap, too! :)