Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Proof

This post provides photographic proof that

a) I make Brussels sprouts, despite my husband's claim that I "never" make them.  These were sauteed in bacon grease (oh, baby!), with garlic and salt, and topped with caramelized onions.  Please note that caramelized onions are served in heaven.  That is because, in part, they take an eternity to cook.

b) We had something besides pie to eat at Thanksgiving.  In fact, I like to start out our meal with forced salad.  Everyone gets served a salad, so we can at least fill a small corner of our stomachs with some healthy rabbit food.  My son won't eat salad, so he gets an apple.  After the salad, the cook & sous-chefs leap up and carve the turkey, finish the gravy, etc etc.  

c) My brother, my kids, and their cousins love playing board games.  Settlers of Catan, anyone?

d)  I do decorate the house for Thanksgiving.  Minimally.

e)  I tried to remove some of the fat from the gravy, but there is no good way to do this, except to put the gravy in the fridge and wait until the next day.  That would not be a popular method to use on Thanksgiving day.

Raw Brussels sprouts, ready to be sauteed.  Fifty Brussels sprouts was enough
 for 9 people (with leftovers), but only because two people won't eat them.

Those greens on the right were grown at the farm at my niece's college, near the Chesapeake Bay.

The assembled salads: Greens, snow peas, roasted beets & cauliflower, candied pecans, and croutons.

My son's mortgaged properties on the right; my brother raking in the money on the left.

My two Thanksgiving decorations: stuffed turkey pillow, and inflatable turkey.

Me, trying to remove some of the fat from the gravy.

When the Settlers of Catan game appears, there are many enthusiastic players.  I am not one of them.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, sprouts! Just love eating them, but I'm alone here.
Mr. G recently discovered Monopoly, but we've yet to actually FINISH a game.

Cassi Renee said...

Rob and I both love Brussels Sprouts! Emma, of course, hates them. That sounds like a very yummy recipe.

Also? Those salads look divine!

Suburban Correspondent said...

I thought the fat was supposed to stay in the gravy. No wonder mine tastes so good.

The Crislers said...

I've never actually tried Brussels sprouts, but anything cooked in bacon grease sounds fine by me.

I love the inflatable turkey. It made me laugh out loud.

And although I love board games, I can't stand Monopoly, and have yet to actually try playing Settlers, although it's been recommended by a lot of people. said...

Search "gravy separating pitcher" on Amazon;they have several that get rid of a fair amount of the fat from your drippings (I have the simplest one and I love it). It only needs to cool a little while and most of the fat rises to the top. But never fear, there will still be enough fat to make the gravy groovy. And besides, how often do we make gravy, anyway?

Your pies looked divine!

Star said...

Looks like a lovely day. I visited your blog thanks to the Suburban Matron blog roll, bye, Star