Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun with Food

As if there weren't enough food already, the Oldest Daughter and her cousin made these treats on Friday.  
Mashed potatoes with butter?
No, cupcakes with caramel and yellow candies!

Roasted turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce?
No, cupcakes with caramel turkeys and little red candies!
I have no idea what they made the stuffing out of.

Cherry pies?
No, cupcakes with raspberry-flavored M&Ms and brown icing!

And one of my guests drew this on a potato.  Mr Potato Head!


The Crislers said...

You really had me fooled with that first photo. I still can't quite get past that whole frosting-as-mashed-potatoes-thing. I suppose since the pie was gone, it was time to produce a new crop of sweets!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Cassi Renee said...

Wow! That's a lot of cooking talent in those cupcakes! Emma would be so jealous!