Thursday, November 8, 2012

On the way

Last Saturday, on the Pennsylvania turnpike Eastbound, we stopped at a rest stop. We noticed many people in bright yellow t-shirts and jackets.  I couldn’t really see what exactly it said on their jackets, but thought I caught the word “Disaster”.  On the back the shirts and jackets all said “Missouri.”

When we got back on the highway, we found out who these people were. There was a whole caravan of trucks of various sizes and shaped, all marked “Disaster Relief- Missouri” and “Southern Baptist Convention.”   One of the trucks was labeled, “Chainsaw Division” and another said “Shower Division.”  There was a truck towing what claimed to be a generator, and another large truck that said, ‘Bringing Showers of Blessings.”  Plus several more trucks that didn’t specify their exact purpose.

We guessed that these Missouri Baptists were headed to NJ/NYC with chainsaw skills, mobile shower units, at least one generator, and who knows what else (food and blankets?).  It looked organized, efficient, and hopeful. 

I just hope they know how to deal with nor’easters.  But I suspect these people know how to deal with anything.  Anybody that can operate a chainsaw has my respect.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Bless them--just hope they brought their own gas! Funny the things that suddenly become essential in a disaster--like knowing how to operate a chainsaw.