Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last week

In retrospect, the week before the bat mitzvah was busy, but not frantically so. I had time to read a few blogs.  There are three writers who reported events that were mirrored here in the Common Household.

Green Girl in Wisconsin told of how her husband made a miraculous banana discovery.  Here at our house, the Common Household husband was equally observant.  Last Tuesday, I spent hours shopping for a dress for the party, and in the end couldn’t decide, so brought three dresses home to consult the family on this earth-shattering decision.  I took the dresses up to the bedroom, pulled the blanket up over the sheet, so that I could spread the dresses out on the bed, like this:
Yes, two of the dresses are the same, but different sizes.
That's how indecisive I was.

When my husband came home, I said, “There’s something on the bed upstairs that I want you to look at.”  He went up, came in the bedroom, with me following, and said, “Oh!  Did we get a new blanket?  That’s a great blanket!”    I guess he spent all day making scientific observations, so he had used up all his observatory powers. 

Over at Beads: Rolling Downhill, Cassi Renee has entered the world of beading, creating some really beautiful beads, earrings, and bracelets.  While I myself wasn’t being that creative (except for writing my speech), Oldest Daughter was – she made these centerpieces for our lunch at the synagogue.

These cost under $10 each to make.

Minnesota Matron wrote about taking the path of least resistance at her son’s birthday party.  I, too, took the path of least resistance regarding entertainment at my house, and allowed TWO simultaneous games of Settlers of Catan to be played in my living room.  At least I did not have to play.

These folks, my two nephews, took the path of very least resistance of all.

And then the next day we went and did Jewish stuff in the morning and partied all evening.

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Cassi Renee said...

Well, I thought my husband was vision-impaired, but I might have to revise that hypothesis. I do think he'd have noticed three dresses on the bed :-) Have you been teasing him about it mercilessly?

Beautiful centerpieces --blue and white are so calming and clean together.