Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Flurry of Activity

We spent the latter part of last week recovering from our trip, doing laundry, getting back into work projects, and remembering how to cook dinner for ourselves again.

Before we left on our trip, the painter had told us, “I don’t know when I can get over to paint your house.”  As soon as we got back, last Wednesday, he said, “We’ll come on Monday if it’s not raining, and paint the outside stuff.  The inside stuff will have to wait until fall.” 

Monday (yesterday) was the first day of band camp for my son, which felt almost like the first day of school for me, except I was the school bus driver.  “Get up early and drive somebody somewhere” is my motto for the next two weeks. 

Right after I got back from bus duty, the painter showed up, with seven guys.  Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to paint we go!

Finally, that spot on the living room ceiling is fixed.

The Painter Boss said to me, “Okay, where are the colors you picked for your bedroom?”  We have hired this guy before, so I already knew that he operates like a tornado, arriving with little warning, doing his job, and moving on.  I was ready with my colors. 

One of the sous-chef painters started taping to prep the bedroom for painting.  I had to remove all the junk from the top of our bureaus. Who cares that I have a report on Kansas corn due to my boss?  Fortunately I didn’t have to unload the clothes from the closets.  That would have taken me forever. 
The bedroom is about to undergo a transformation!

I had to wonder if I should discard the dead moth I found in a cup on my husband’s bureau.  I decided not to. Maybe he is saving it to put on a microscope slide for Youngest Daughter.  Because that’s what loving scientist fathers do for their budding scientist daughters.

I had to wonder if I should discard everything that was on top of my own bureau (except my earring collection, of course).  No scientific specimens there.  Perhaps I am grateful for that!
I will spare you a picture of the dead moth.
Instead here is our bedroom furniture, looking the neatest ever.
Today it is quieter and the house looks spiffier on the outside.  Soon I will show you photos of our painted bedroom, but I have to wait until the paint is truly dry enough to close the closet doors, because I have not yet cleaned out my closet.

When I asked my husband if I could tell The Public about the dead moth, he said yes, and he confirmed that he is saving it to put under the microscope.  He said, “Didn’t you notice that it is in perfect dead condition?”  Spoken like a true biologist.

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Cassi Renee said...

Perfect dead condition?! I didn't know there was a perfect kind of dead :-)

Some day I'll have to take a picture of E's nature collection and blog about it. They'd probably be kindred spirits. But we need a good microscope.