Thursday, November 24, 2011

Common Household Thanksgiving Proclamation

And here is the Common Household's Thanksgiving Proclamation from 2010:

One note: I hate mayonnaise.  I abhor it.  My family knows this and persecutes me mercilessly about it.

Last year on Thanksgiving, I posted this on the fridge, thinking that the family could have fun writing their own proclamations:

Thanksgiving Proclamation
By Our Family

Whereas... We are grateful to God for all the bountiful blefsings which God has bestowed upon us,
Therefore... We will stuff ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings. 


* * * * * *

In response, my brother wrote this, lapsing about half-way into the fake "changing S to F" found in the traditional proclamation:

Whereas...we are grateful to God for providing turkey far in excess of what we can eat in one meal, and...
Whereas...turkey sandwiches are known to be the most delicious sandwich ever concocted, and... turkey sandwich is ever complete without a thick slathering of the Hellmans, and...
Whereas...the compleat fandwich confifts of the trinity of turkey, cranberry and mayo
Therefore we hold thif truth to be felf evident that the Common Houfehold must never be lacking, from thif day forthwith in having a large jar of 

 The other dunning comments were added by the teenagers, my brother's daughter and my own daughter.  


Cassi Renee said...

Your brother shares your sense of humor, huh?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maria Sondule said...

This seems like last years, because I recognize my handwriting and I certainly didn't do anything of the sort from this year.
You are misrepresenting me! XD