Sunday, November 13, 2011

Capitalist opportunity

Dear Fellow Capitalists,

I have discovered a glaring gap in the greeting card industry.

Here’s the story. One of the adult scout leaders in my son’s troop was ill. As a part of my ongoing project to raise my children to be polite and respectable adults, I suggested to my son that it would be appropriate to send the scout leader some get-well wishes.  My son’s idea was this:

1.Type on the computer:
                        Dear Mr. B,
                               Get well soon.
                        Common Household Son
2. Print it out on a plain white 8.5x11 sheet of paper. 
3. Hand it to me to put in an envelope and mail.
4. Play on the Wii.

But I insisted that he had to send an actual card.  I got out my stash of Get Well cards and found some with lovely pastels, flowers, and swirly words of cheer:

Those clearly wouldn’t do for a Boy Scout.  I looked some more and found this one, without flowers:

I handed it to my son.  He looked at me, and said, “Ducks?!  Mom!”

I tried this one:

“CHICKENS?!” he guffawed.  “Don’t they make cards with pictures of people hiking, or tents in a campground?  I can’t send a card with ducks or chickens to Mr. B.”

I spent a few hours and the grocery store, the drug store, and the Hallmark store, looking for masculine get well cards.  I found ONE get well card labeled, “For Him” with a portrayal of tools and gears on it.  I bought it, and every other get well card I found that did not look feminine or crude.

So, capitalists, here is a market niche that you can fill.  Because there has got to be a huge untapped market, worth millions, of Boy Scouts and other manly men out there looking for respectable masculine get well cards to send to their male friends.

I asked my husband about this, and he said he doesn’t believe in greeting cards.  Sigh.


Angie said...

Do you have a card-making program on your computer? Then you can put whatever you want on it. "Hope you're up to a 20-mile hike soon!"

Common Household Mom said...

Angie, that would be a great line to put in a Scout get-well card. But I have no idea how to make a card on my computer. Cardstock would probably break my printer.

Cassi Renee said...

I never really thought about how girly cards are, and I think the only guy I've ever given a card to is my husband. Well, except for sympathy cards, and I'm not sure it matters with those.

Given your husband's reaction, I'm guessing guys just don't give guys cards very often, huh? But I think you found some good candidates --I'm especially partial to the turtle.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Amen. I'd also like more generic cards. Like a "Happy Father's Day" card that only says that, or "Congratulations." Maybe you have a career possibility here...