Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cold with hints of warmth

Carmi, over at Written, Inc. has challenged bloggers to publish photos of cold.  We got some o' that here!
Our street, last week.
(Click to embiggen for a more intense cold effect.)

But there is hope.  Ten days ago (but not today, alas), we could see the grass, and I noticed one foolhardy hyacinth peeking through the soil (sorry, no photo).  The forsythia, the lilacs, and the Kwanzan cherry are showing their buds.

Buds on the Kwanzan cherry tree
After getting my shoes all wet to take photos of snow on buds, I retreated to take some snow photos from inside the house.  This was a photographic challenge for this novice.
This photography method keeps the camera and
photographer warm and dry.

The best activity for a cold, snowy day?  Making soup.  It's also helpful if you have a cold, which I do.
Aerial cell phone photo of self making
 soup in slow cooker.  This was a
difficult photo to take, because I feared
dropping my phone in the soup.
Also because I had to clean out the sink.
For those few of you who need to see more photos of cold, here are three recent past posts which include photos of cold.

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Apparently I was really sick of winter in March 2015. If you need even more photos and stories of winter (but why would you?) check the blog labels for the words cold, ice, snow, and winter.  There are a lot of them.  I guess I am always impressed with winter.

I encourage you to stop by Written, Inc and follow the links to the other entries for "Cold."


Angie said...

I do not miss the cold and snow, not a bit.

Susan Jones said...

I understand why people don't miss winter, I really do, but . . . but . . . but . . . I miss it a lot. I miss the beauty of the sun shining on the snow, and the bare trees outlined with white, and I miss the fresh, cold air on my face, and I miss snuggling inside during snowstorms, and I miss watching it snow. I also worry for the poor earth, which is going to get dehydrated and have a drought next summer because there was no snow this winter. I also worry for the ground, because it has not had the protection of a blanket of snow, but has suffered what little cold there has been with no protections . . . I also miss the delight of stuffing a handful of snow down a loved one's neck, and then running to escape revenge . . . My hope for winter gets dimmer every day - it's almost March. Sigh.

I also wanted to ask you: what kind of soup did you make, and is your cold better now? For curing colds, I personally favor chicken soup (of course) and hot and sour soup. I have to find a good recipe for that. Your soup looked very good! Yum. Hope you are feeling better! :-)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

The photo taken through the window might be my favorite one. It's how I've had to take pictures all winter this year, including my icicle pictures in December & January.
I hope that soup helps to cure your cold!

Tony McGurk said...

I like the macro of the cherry tree & the way the snow is so evenly piled up on the railing in the out the window shot. I don't mind cold weather but the only downside is the extra cost of having to buy firewood to keep the house warm.

Gilly said...

My, you did have a lot of snow, didn't you! Good shots of everything, especially those buds. I used not to mind the cold, but our cold is so wet, dreary and miserable I've gone off it!

Bob Scotney said...

Our minor fall of snow cannot compete with this. I take a lot of shots through our lounge window - sometimes with success.

Common Household Mom said...

That soup in the photo is vegetable soup. WIth turnips. I think chicken soup has to be next!

The Crislers said...

I should do something like this, really embrace the cold. I should. Instead I think I'll just keep complaining about it.

That soup looks so hearty, and so good!

Alexia said...

I do so hate the cold! I wish our summer would never end... Those photos certainly convey an icy feeling.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

*shiver* You captured it, all right! I'm cold now!

carmilevy said...

Thank you for capturing winter with such grace and tone. I can almost feel the chill of the season in your pictures - and especially love how you closed the loop with the soup scene. Warmth to ward off the cold: Love it!

Sometimes, the best pictures are the ones that come with a little risk. I'm glad you took that risk, and look forward to more of your photos around future themes.