Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Lord's Prayer for a Snowy Day

Underneath the back steps.

Our Father, who art in heaven, which is not the same thing as the sky which is currently dropping snow on us,

Holy is your name, which we may have taken in vain as we hacked at the two-inch sheet of ice that formed right in front of the door;

Thy springdom come, preferably before March 21st,

Thy will be done, which we would lobby to include sending our excess moisture to the parts of the earth that need it;

Give us this day the chance to get our daily bread, milk, and toilet paper before the snow arrives.

Forgive us for doubting the forecast, as we forgive those who forecast against us;

Lead us not into the temptation of drinking a gallon of hot chocolate in the pretense that it will keep us warm,

But deliver us from yet another school day.

For thine is the kingdom, the power for the furnace, and the glory of (although we complain, we must admit it is) a beautiful landscape of snow stretching on forever and ever. 


Somewhere on those trees there must be leaf buds.

The Senior Snow Fairy had to shovel this twice today,
because Teen Snow Fairy was away all day.

I finally got the sheet of ice next to the back door cleared.  Mostly.
Younger Daughter wrote those last two lines, because I was too cold.  I argued that what the parents want is not another day of closed schools, but quite the opposite.  


Joanie said...

Haha! I especially like forgiving those who forecast against us! We had an ice block on our walkway, too. Bob took care of that. I would have destroyed the walkway in the process.

Angie said...

You all must be so tired of winter by now.Angie

Suburban Correspondent said...

I am trying to pretend it is still February, so that this ice storm will seem like fun.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

May I recommend a hot toddy or two in place of the hot chocolate?

Cassi said...

Really, you need to publish a book --you (and YD, apparently, too) have a wonderful way with words!

The Crislers said...

"As we forgive those who forecast against us." I am so using that every time someone is spewing vitriol against meteorologists. Not to worry; I'll give credit where it's due!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yes, those dumps of snow and days with kids home would get old after a point. I always think of March as winter, then it never disappoints me very much.

Karen S. said...

Great photos for Carmi's, cold!

carmilevy said...

I'm so glad you shared these as part of our cold theme. It's a delightful series that has me wondering how soon spring will be pushing the snow away once and for all. Not soon enough, apparently!