Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chocolate Activities

Lately I am way too busy to write anything.  It's not that we haven't been having any fun, though.  Some of our fun has involved chocolate, and there is just not anything wrong with that.

This chocolate cake was rich and delicious and had
NO CANDY on it, just the way the Common Household
 Husband likes it.  Usually I would bake the cake
myself, but this one is a hired cake.  

Chocolate percussion mallets, bought at the band concert.

Setting up to play Chocolate Monopoly.

The game does not involve any money.  Just spinning a spinner,
placing chocolates on the board, and taking them off the board.

Bases loaded!

The board looks like a regular monopoly board, except
it has the word "Chocolate" on it.

If you land on "Free Parking" you get to collect all
the pieces of chocolate in the middle of the board.

I have also been eating some celery.  Chocolate and celery make for a balanced diet.


Angie said...

I eat one or two squares of dark chocolate every day. Like a vitamin.

Cassi said...

So, I take it the CHH turned 5 years old? Congratulations! :-)

When do you get to eat the chocolate when you play chocolate Monopoly? And was it any good?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Chocolate Monopoly! That is pretty darn cool.

smalltownme said...


The Crislers said...

I might almost like Monopoly if it involved chocolate. But do you ever get to *eat* the chocolate pieces?

Hired cake. It made me laugh.

Common Household Mom said...

The main point of Chocolate Monopoly is definitely to eat the chocolate. There is absolutely no strategy involved, so you can't play it for enjoyment of playing a game. The quality of chocolate was okay. I don't think it had any healthful qualities like dark chocolate does.