Saturday, January 31, 2015

War Opinions: Guest Post

With the change of semester at high school, Younger Daughter’s last period at school has switched from Study Hall to Forensics.  I never had the option of Study Hall in high school, but it sounds lovely to me – extra time to do homework, or go to the library and read books!  But now it’s time for YD to buckle down and learn the art of argument.  Her class on World Affairs has begun its study of the Middle East.  

From all these changes, this is where her thoughts went yesterday.  She asked me to publish this as a guest post.

Different War Opinions and Perspectives
By Youngest Daughter

Strange things come to those who ask an opinion of a war.
Start from far away. From the top of the world, from the heights of the heavens, let’s take a look at the god’s opinion.
I can’t see anything. There’s just green continents. I can’t see any humans. Why should I care?
Okay. That was a little too far.

Closer now, upon the earth, but still far away from the actual gunshots. Let us find the superpower’s opinion.
Something’s happening, all right. But I can’t see it. Why should I care?
Okay, still too far. Let’s try again.

Yet closer still, within the land, torn apart by blood and fire, and into a place of pristine white. What is the government’s opinion?
Something’s happening. I can see it right here on this chart, on this report. But it’s not happening to me. Why should I care?
Still too far! This is getting a little ridiculous.

Okay, one more time.
As close as we can come, straight to the fight, into the heart and mind of a soldier, shooting and running, waiting to die and hoping to live.
What does he think?
Something’s happening. I can see it. It’s happening to me. And I care. I care deeply.
I care about wanting it to stop.
Please government, superpower, gods themselves, can’t you help me?
Thanks for the opinion. Now, why should I care?
Strange things come to those who ask an opinion of a war.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a study of PERSPECTIVE. So astute and honest and wrenching.

Angie said...

What a deep thinker! She is bound for great things!

The Crislers said...

So creative! I was expecting something really dry after that intro, but then you went and made me FEEL.