Saturday, November 15, 2014

Notes and Rhymes

(Warning: Bad ‘Poetry’ Ahead)

In mid-September, I lamented, “The time for fresh peaches is over.  But I got some frozen peaches, which aren’t half bad in a bowl of cereal.”

My husband’s response: “South-going Sneetches won’t eat frozen peaches.”

On the first day of fall I had this phone text conversation with the Common Household Husband.  This was not long after he had his car’s alternator replaced.
Husband:  It is cold out.

Me: It is not cold here in the house.  Do you like my hat?

Husband:  It is cold here and there.  It is cold everywhere.

Me:  How’s the battery light in yr car?  Does it light up like a star?

Husband: It’s dark as night.  Must be all right.

(Note the high literary references to such gems as Go, Dog, Go by P.D. Eastman, and Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss.)

Younger Daughter gets up faithfully at 6:00 AM every school day, and has made it to the bus on time every day but one.  I am really proud of her for doing this, especially since she is not a morning person.  I rarely get up in time to see her off, and although I suspect she prefers it this way, it makes me feel moderately guilty.  She did indicate to me that she loves it when I leave a little note for her in the morning.  Usually all I can muster is something like this:
Hello, Sweetie!  Have fun in your time travels today!
Love, Mom
(a great note for a Doctor Who fan)

or this:

Welcome to Monday!
The first day of fall!  Woot!
* * * a great day to find your MATH BOOK * * *
(The math book subtext refers to the fact that she lost her math textbook during the first week of school.  Also featured:  my poor drawing skills.)

And here is a note I left for Younger Daughter, composed late at night while waiting for the pumpkin muffins to cool.  I left it for her to find the next morning before school.  You should perhaps know that when she was in utero, her siblings called her “Lump.”
(Those pumpkin muffins have chocolate chips in them.)

Oh, sweet little Lumpkin,
Please enjoy these pumpkin
Muffins which have beta-
Carotene far greater
Than the daily boring
Cheerios you’ve been pouring
In your bowl each morning.
            With love from no other
            Than your nutty mother.

She left this response, composed at around 6 AM:

In truth there is no other
With much more percent of nutter
Than my mother.

Yup, that's right. 

Reader, if you found a note for you in the morning, what would you want it to say?


The Crislers said...

I loooove all these poems, but my favorite has to be your Lumpkin-Pumpkin poem.

I'm not sure that it would matter what mine said, as long as it was anchored to the counter by the coffee pot with fresh-brewed coffee in it. Never mind that I trust no one in this family to make my coffee but me. One of my recent favorites from Adelaide, though, was a twist on a traditional rhyme: "Blood is red, veins are blue, sugar is sweet and I love you." I'll take it.

Cassi Renee said...

I am envying you, with your daughter getting up, ready, and to the bus on her own! Mine would not get out of bed if I didn't rattle her cage every morning.

I'm pretty sure Sneetches weren't south- or north-going. Zaxes, however, . . .

For a non-morning person, your daughter's response to your adorable poem is particularly excellent :-)

Angie said...

You guys have so much fun. I wish my family communicated in rhyme.

Sarah said...

I would want mine to read, "Gone to get doughnuts/ So that you don't go nuts. I'll make coffee on return, so the beans you don't burn." (AKA my husband doesn't trust me to make the coffee, either.)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I leave notes, but nobody here cares. Nobody here leaves me a note either, though I wish they would.
And you get RHYMES to boot!

"Mom, I'll grant you three wishes--laundry, dusting and doing the dishes."

slow panic said...

I would want my note to say, "Dear Mother, Please go back to bed. Take two books, lots of coffee and hot chocolate and don't come out for at least 24 hours."

Probably not happening any time soon.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

On any given day, I would probably find a note that says, "Stay out of my room." But on another day, it might say, "I love you!" Because teenager.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Like you, I am usually still in bed when my youngest leaves for school. This parenting gig has gotten easier as the kids have grown older and moved out. (That is, until one of the older ones moves back in...)
No rhymes come to mind right now, but if you need me, I'll be over in the corner, commiserating with Green Girl in Wisconsin. (boys *sigh*)

Anonymous said...

I would want my note to say exactly what they already, usually do, as long as you remember to leave one.