Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cookies for Coping

On Sunday evening I found this letter from Pittsburgh Presbytery in my freezer.  Younger Daughter said that it must have been put there by The Doctor.  (She refuses to call him Doctor Who.  Some people believe that it is not possible to watch too much Doctor Who, but YD might be reaching her limit.)

On Sunday, the Clerk of Session delivered this letter to me, not via Doctor Who, or by owl, or even by the US Post Office, but in person.  I shoved it in the bag with the cookies and muffins I bought at the church bake sale.  As soon as I got home I hastened to stuff the goodies in the freezer before certain Whovians got a glimpse of them.  And it must have been right then that Doctor Who traveled in time and stuck the letter in my freezer.

The letter is my “ticket” to the presbytery meeting later this month.  The cookies and muffins are intended as a coping mechanism to get through the month. This is where you can try to tell me that exercise would be a better coping mechanism, and yes, I intend to exercise, too.  I am trying to dole out the cookies and muffins slowly, like medicine.   

There’s nothing truly horrible coming up, but just a lot of drudgery like church reports, the FAFSA, physical therapy for my old-lady neck, and the annual impossible work project of guessing how many acres of corn everybody will plant.  And dang it, Western Pennsylvania will likely be covered with ice tomorrow morning, meaning another school delay or closing. 

To make it through, tea and cookies are necessary!  Not just any cookies, but good cookies, home-made by church people.  Thank you, Church People, for doing all that baking! 

Warning to Certain People: There had better not be any aliens rooting around in my freezer stealing my cookies and muffins.

In closing, I provide you with two 'poems' about February, written 10 years ago as a writing challenge.

     If there’s going to be a month that’s short,
     It might as well be February.
     It’s cold, snowy and not worth a snort
     And is filled with silly hearts and presidents.
                - by the Common Household Mom, who 
                  apologizes for poor meter and little rhyme

     February means valentines
     Hearts and kisses too.
     Everyone goes out to dance
     And smooches in the loo.
                 - by Older Daughter, 11 years old

May February bring you hearts and kisses!  I'm not sure about smooching in the loo.  Sounds rather British. 

So what's in store for you this month?  How will you be coping with another month of winter?  Have you found any letters in your freezer?


Angie said...

No letters in the freezer. Nor any cookies. We are busy trying to move from one house to another. Should be simple, but nothing ever is.

Sarah said...

No letters in the freezer here, either. It's going to be a rough month. Our son has genetics testing next week, and my grandmother is in very ill health. But I'm supposed to be gearing up for a vacation in March, so I'm full of hope that it'll happen!

Cassi Renee said...

My freezer is so full of . . . stuff, that I'm not sure I'd ever recover a letter if it fell in. And I think it's mostly veggies and bananas in there, nothing like good cookies or muffins.

I keep thinking that at some point the sun will regain some of its strength and the deep freeze will end. Six more months of winter, as one newscaster said after the groundhog disappointed us once again. I think he may be correct. I think I'll use wine. And Sherlock.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'll have about 300 ninja sugar cookies in my freezer after this weekend--for my book launch next weekend!
February is FULL here...book coming out, major fundraiser for a charter school I'm involved with, wrestling, basketball, school auction, it will go fast.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I've been to the dentist 3 times in 3 days. Thanks, February.
Thanks for the reminder that I need to finish the statistical report to turn into our presbytery. Ugh.
Come to think of it... there might be some unfrosted cupcakes that my MIL brought at Christmas time still lurking in the freezer... I'd better go check!

The Crislers said...

February really isn't worth a snort. I prescribe more cookies for all to help us get through it, especially if the FAFSA is in your future.

Anonymous said...

His NAME is the Doctor! His name is not Doctor Who, that's the name of the show, his name is THE DOCTOR!

Anonymous said...

Also, to Cassi Renee, I too am a Sherlockian as well as a Whovian, and I wish you the best of luck with the new season. YD