Friday, January 31, 2014

Bumpy re-entry

Before the retreat:  We were instructed to bring old magazines to the retreat, to cut up and use.  So I hauled some National Geographics from 1990 out of the attic.  My husband looked at them suspiciously and said, “What are you doing with all those old magazines?”  I said, “I’m taking them to the retreat, and I will not be bringing them back home.”  He cheered up and said, “Oh!  Is there anything else you can take to the retreat and not bring back?!”

During the retreat: And here is what we did with the magazines at the retreat.  

It was either a “vision board” or else a “stuff I like” board.  When making it, I was rather unfocussed.  Plus it’s hard to find stuff about God and faith in the magazines we had available.  Mine ended up as a mish-mash of things I like now, such as soup and cookies, and things that are unattainable goals, such as being clutter-free and saving the planet.  Not deeply spiritual, but to me, God is behind, in, and through every part of my life.  There is something heaven-like about a bowl of hot soup or a good pie or a story or a restful night of sleep. The retreat was full of affirmation, which is a privilege and a blessing and a necessity.

We were instructed to bring our favorite photo of ourselves, and that is the photo in the middle of my collage.  I am the one with the red beard.

For the object representing me as a work of art I brought… Einstein, of course!  He’s my muse when I am attempting to write about science.  He enjoyed getting out of the house, although perhaps he didn't dress warmly enough.

Einstein thinking about making a Linus Blanket

Einstein at the Table of Temptation

Einstein, posing in front of somebody else's very
artistic vision board

We painted these mason jars with some sort of glass stain.  I tried to get artsy-fartsy with mine, making strategic drips, but it only ended up looking, well, drippy.  Still, it makes a pleasant glow.

After the retreat:  We drove home in a snowstorm Sunday afternoon.  I was driving, and dropped my two friends off, sliding the whole way around town.  I said the word “Crap” and other more interesting synonyms numerous times before finally getting home, exhausted.  It was a harsh re-entry.  I want to reschedule next year’s retreat for March instead of January.  

This was BEFORE it snowed on Saturday, and
again on Sunday.


Angie said...

I miss Hiland's Women's Retreat so much. Even if it was in January and I dislike winter. The friendships and fellowship were enough to warm any heart.

The Crislers said...

I'm glad you survived re-entry, if only barely. Your view from that window is beautiful!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm glad you had fun--even though the reentry weather was icky.
I don't think I'd be any good at focusing for that kind of a project either.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It's hard enough to re-enter after a weekend away but a snowstorm just makes it even harder. I've said that word and a few synonyms a few times this week myself! Our roads are compact snow and ice, getting to be more ice than snow at this point.
"Table of Temptation" = perfect name!