Thursday, October 10, 2013


This week's biggest accomplishment in the Common Household:

Einstein would have finished it in a few hours.

We finished the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle before Friday.  You probably finished it on Tuesday, but around here it takes us a long time, and it's mostly completed by my husband.

I've been trying to look on the bright side and count blessings, to lift myself out of this funk I am in. We did hear a completely awesome concert on Saturday.  I dined on Schweinshoch (or something piggy like that) at the Hofbrauhaus on Sunday.  I'm super grateful for the classical music station, which played Tchaikovsky's March Slav on the way to the piano lesson on Wednesday.

Other than that, I have been unspeakably grumpy this week because:

1. Congress.

2. Pledge drive on my local NPR station.

3. Being stood up at Sunday evening Bible study.

4. Not getting my paycheck for my August invoice.

5. Too many papers on my desk and not enough willpower to get rid of them.

6. USDA data not available (see #1).

7.  Insanely busy work schedule, without sign of remuneration (see #4).

8.  My library book being overdue and not having enough time or memory to renew it at the library.

It feels wrong to complain about my late paycheck when there are families whose main paycheck is on furlough.  Just saying that raises my blood pressure.  In truth, I have no really big things to complain about.  I went for a lovely walk on Tuesday with a friend. I've got the basic things I need in life.  Jesus loves me, this I know.  My children will be home from college for fall break soon.  I still have all my teeth.

Perhaps the cure for this funk is raking leaves.  I hope so - there are an awful lot of them on the lawn.

Dear reader, when you are in a funk, how do you get out of it?


Sarah said...

It's sort of a cliche, but I get a hot beverage and a good book and tell the husband I'm not available for a few hours. (Usually there's a nap in there somewhere, too.)

Cassi Renee said...

Emotions are so strange that way. Yesterday morning, when I went to make sure Emma was awake, she asked me "Have you ever had feelings that contradict the day?" She had fun things planned for the day, and yet she felt sad.

I'm not sure I've ever found anything that cured a funk, except soldiering on and time. I hope it lifts soon.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

All legit reasons for the funk. I usually keep my head down and avoid other people so I don't create trouble with my foul mood (and, consequently, mouth). It always passes given time.

The Crislers said...

All of those sound like legitimate reasons for a funk. A long walk usually cures mine, or a long-awaited book. Also cookies.