Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Contests

This post is either 6 days early, or one year late.  This pumpkin decorating contest took place for Halloween 2012, at The Old Folks' Home.  Aren’t they clever?

The other thing that happened last year at the Old Folks’ Home is that they decided to have a costume party.  My aunt, who moved there in February 2012, was asked to be a judge for the costume contest.  She thought this would be a harmless way to meet new people, so she agreed.  

Well.  At the party, two people dressed up as prostitute and pimp (sorry, no photos).  The Old Folks’ Home Management told them they weren’t allowed to dress that way.  This created a ruckus, as some of the judges wanted to give those two an award.  The competition among the remaining participants was fierce and political.  In the end my aunt shrugged off the experience, but it turned out that being a judge for this event was not a great way to win friends.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Aw, bummer that all the fun wasn't taken in the right spirit, but those are some great pumpkins.

Sarah said...

AAAAHAHAHAHA I would have wanted to give them an award, too. That's priceless. And I love those pumpkins. I need to get cracking on ours for this year!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I want to give a prize to those pumpkins!
Prostitute and pimp costumes in the old folks' home... That would be awkward. In high school, some friends went to a party as a priest and a pregnant nun. It wasn't until they were driving to the party that they realized how terrible it would be if they were in an accident and taken to the Catholic hospital.

The Crislers said...

This made me laugh so hard. So. hard. I love how people assume once you hit a certain age you become "harmless" and sweet and lose any sense of humor or mischief; this is obviously not the case at that home!