Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lo, They Have Returned

In the second or third week of the tenth month, there shall be a break from the learning in the halls of academe.  Each student shall return to his place of origin, lo, unto the city or small town or farm or suburb of his infancy. 

Both the oldest daughter and the middle son shall return, each to their parents’ house.  There, she shall rise up at mid-morning and wrap herself in a blanket.  In like manner, he shall sleep in until noonday, and then occupy the breakfast table with sundry and divers food preparation.  Despite the sudden lack of space at the table, there shall be all manner of glad banter – it is a blessing from the Lord.
Then shall the children of the house join in battle over the piano. They shall make a joyful noise.  First the oldest will prevail, playing her lyrical songs with arpeggios and lovely melodies.  At the moment she rises up and departs from the piano bench, the middle and youngest children will come nigh; lo, they will fully occupy the piano bench together. 
Our son, but not our piano, not our living room

Verily, then shall the youngest child mock her older brother with these words, “I wrote this music! I bet you can’t play it.”  Yea, though she hope that he will be able to play it, she will continue in her provocation, for truly that is the purpose of little sisters.  And it shall come to pass that together the brother and the sister do play the song, and the notes are sweet and pleasant to the ear.

And lo, after a time the youngest child shall grow weary and depart thence in search of refreshment, knowing that that very day her father hath brought Doritos into the house.  Then shall the middle son fully rejoice in his victory at the piano by playing the big pieces by Rachmaninoff and by Beethoven and that duet by Saint-Saens for which his mother has not touched her part since August.

And behold, the entire time of the noise of this great host of children, the father of these very children shall be napping.  This is right and seemly; marvelous are the works of the Lord.

Then shall the mother of the household say, “Behold how good and how pleasant it is when kindred dwell together in unity.  It is a blessing from the Lord.”

                                                                        - The Book of Jubilations 133:1-20


Angie said...

How wonderful they are all home! Mine have yet to come home. So I go see them, instead.

Sarah said...

What a glorious weekend! That sounds like a full heart and a full house.

Cassi Renee said...

I love these --they make me laugh. And I'm glad you've had such a nice visit.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds blessed. Really, abundantly blessed.

The Crislers said...

That is a blessing from the Lord! I took a moment to marvel over how fancy you guys are in your house house before I read the caption to that photo.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

All of your kids play the piano? You are indeed blessed!

It will be another month before the college set descend upon us.