Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday B

Then we had Youngest Daughter’s birthday.  Her sister made and decorated the cake.  Here is the shopping list for cake decorations (on the left) and the items bought (on the right).
Click to embiggen.
Is the Sour S'getti destined to play the role
 of the Endoplasmic Reticulum or the mitochondria?

If you thought it was impossible for a cake to have more candy than our Periodic Table cake, think again.  Behold, I present to you:  The Cell Cake!  
I can tell you that Smarties and Nerds are NOT a
 flavor that matches with chocolate icing.

The white humpy thing is the cell nucleus.  I couldn’t begin to tell you which candy represents which part of the cell, but I do know that the marshmallows are a cell membrane, so this is an animal cell cake, not a plant cell cake.  Whatever.  It was soon a gone cell cake.

Youngest Daughter invited a few friends over for a birthday party.  I didn't really plan any party games except for this one: a photo scavenger hunt.  I scouted out ideas on the internet, but found that many ideas out there involve the embarrassment of strangers in public places.  Here’s the list of things that I came up with, partially cribbed from other sites.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Photo Scavenger Hunt

Go outside in our yard and take a photo of something you find (or make) within each of these categories.  Please do NOT pick any flowers or plants in garden areas!

1.  Something which could be used as a musical instrument.
2.  Something which a teenager would appreciate.
3.  Something blue.
4.  Something that fell out of a tree.
5.  Something beautiful.
6. A picture of 5 different types of things that are green.  (all 5 things in one photo)
7.  A picture of team members lying on the grass making a square.
8. Something starting with the letter R.
9. A Y-shaped twig.
10.  The number 14

Go inside the house (game room and first floor only) and take a photo of something you find within each of these categories.

1.  Something which could be used as a musical instrument.
2.  Something which a teenager would appreciate.
3. A team member dressed up as a superhero.
4. The entire team in a bathroom.
5. A team member dancing with a stuffed animal.
6. The entire team sitting together in one chair (no sofas).
7. Entire team reading books.
8.  Pose in a scene from a Disney movie.
9. Something starting with the letter R.
10.  The number 14
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

With four participants, I found it unnecessary to divide them into competing teams.  They just worked cooperatively. They told me this was a good thing, because if they had been competing, they would have been ferocious about it.  That probably would have meant broken stuff or torn-up gardens. 

I can’t show you too many of their photos because it’s against the Common Household Blog policy to reveal their faces.  Here are a few of the photos:

Outside #2 "something which a teenager would appreciate" = Air

Outside #3 "something blue" = my blue shirt.
Yes, that's me.  Hi!

Outside #6 "five green things" - including the green in her shoelaces
Outside #8 "the letter R" = R is for Running.  I had them
run in slow motion, but the photo is blurry anyway.

Outside #10 "the number 14" made out of twigs

I was pleased beyond words when they read “Outside #5 – Something beautiful” and shouted, “We are beautiful!” and posed for a photo of themselves (making silly faces, of course).

Yes, they are beautiful.  


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

An amazing party -- and I'll have to show that cake to my boys and hope they don't ask me to make one.

Nice to see you! :)

Liz in Virginia said...

We made a cell out of Jell-o once. It was awesome, and even mostly edible.

They /are/ beautiful!

Anonymous said...

"We are beautiful!" That is my favorite part of this post.
Happy Birthday to your girl--sounds like you had a sweet time celebrating.