Thursday, April 4, 2013

Proof of Spring, Outside

Here is photographic proof that spring is occurring at least somewhere.  That somewhere is Maryland, to be exact.

- The sign reads:  CONTAINS NUTS -
We begin with the sign my son felt compelled to put on
 the back of our car, as we were packing to leave
 Western PA to head to Maryland.
That white stuff is called SNOW. 

Upon our arrival, first we noticed these.
Every day that we were there, more of these opened up.

About to burst forth.

Last time I was there, these looked miserable with cold.

I do like bare branches against the sky.  But I am
willing to give that up for some warmer days.

One of the individuals living in the body of water my mom
 calls "Lake Maybe" which is really a drainage pond.
The spouse of the above bird?

Not a forsythia.  A truffula tree, maybe?

Sun! Flowing water! Green grass!  Teens outside!

Tiny white flowers.  Beauty itself.

These buds are pointing to the sky, asking for just a bit more warmth.
Check back tomorrow for proof of spring, the Inside Edition.


The Crislers said...

Oh, I needed this today. The flowers, the color, the life. So hopeful.

Common Household Mom said...

Kristy (@Crislers): I was so encouraged by YOUR photo of bulbs emerging from the soil that I knew I had to take lots of encouraging photos of spring.

Alison said...

I feel better already....

Cassi Renee said...

Gorgeous, and I love your mom's name for the lake :-) I see that sense of humor runs in the family.